Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dynamic Content with Dynamic Events

Dynamic events refer to any event that occurs in a persistent area as a result of players interacting with and exploring the world. They are called "dynamic" because there are multiple outcomes that also result in new events, creating a cascade effect. Once an event has triggered, it will develop whether or not a player attends it. Because of this, there is no real concept of failure or success – the result of any event will simply cause a change in the surrounding area. For example, if monsters are successful in raiding an area, they may become strong enough to occupy a fort, which could then be taken by players.

The Guild Wars 2 developers really emphasized on this topic in the early moments of hyping the game. The dynamic events are, indeed, some cool ways in which you can make some levels and don't feel like you are quest grinding all over again, like you did in the numerous MMOs you did in the past. With every game you played, you would just change the NPCs and monsters, but the activity remained the same, killing, gathering or talking to different NPCs for your experience. The Dynamic Events offer depth and realism to the world of Tyria, exactly what an open world MMO needs to make itself more believable. Here, you don't necessarily need to kill something, but you have to help the area or NPC in need with various tasks, be it killing invaders, reconstructing a water pipe or clearing the fields of grubs that are eating the plantations.

The Dynamic events also scale in difficulty and complexity as you progress in level, offering you new challenges to tackle instead of keeping the same scenarios over and over again. Surprisingly, it convinced even a skeptic like me who saw attempts like this in numerous games before but only to fall in the same tedious and repetitive grind.

These dynamic events present in the game do not necessarily impact the world on the long term and you might find the same identical dynamic event twice if you stick to a zone too much, but you will never get bored since it will be never the same. You will always group with other people to fight against the common threat or to a common goal, so the fun will be guaranteed.

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